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Welcome to Alpha VI Battalion - a nexus of honor and forward-thinking. Our platform salutes the undaunted spirit of military veterans transitioning into civilian life, offering a bridge between their past service and an exciting future. Alpha VI Battalion isn't just a community; it's a beacon for resilience and determination, symbolizing the journey from service to civilian success. Our mission is to support this transition with resources, guidance, and camaraderie, fostering a network that deeply understands the intricacies of this transformation. Join us for inspiration, connection, and empowerment. Our curated store at features a range of products that echo our ethos of bravery and continuous growth. Every item tells a story of courage, adaptation, and the unyielding will to thrive.

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Our Story

Embrace Your Legacy, Honor Our Heroes

Alpha VI Battalion is more than a brand; it's a mission-driven community supporting veterans and military members transitioning to civilian life. We blend the spirit of service with the nuances of everyday civilian experiences, offering a unique platform for guidance, camaraderie, and resources.

  • Our Offerings: Access valuable resources, including insightful articles, resume templates, and practical eBooks, and discover thoughtfully designed apparel that resonates with the soul of service.

  • Our Mission: To ease the journey from military to civilian life, fostering a supportive community where veterans can connect, share, and grow.

  • Join Our Community: Connect with a network of veterans and service members who understand your journey. Dive into discussions, share experiences, and find the support you need for a successful transition.

Explore. Connect. Transform.

silver-colored god tags hanging on hooks shallow focus photography
silver-colored god tags hanging on hooks shallow focus photography

Our Services

Alpha VI Battalion is dedicated to aiding veterans and military members as they embark on their civilian journey. Our comprehensive services include career guidance, resume workshops, and personalized mentorship to ensure a smooth and successful transition.

Career Transition Support
Resume Assistance

Leveraging the unique skills and experiences gained in the military, we provide tailored resume assistance. Our services encompass more than just template usage; we guide you in articulating your military experiences in a way that resonates within the civilian job market. This includes strategies for personal branding and effective job search techniques.

woman sitting beside table using laptop
woman sitting beside table using laptop


Alpha VI professional resume writers took my jumbled work history and transformed it into a polished masterpiece that truly showcased my strengths and achievements. They have a knack for knowing exactly what recruiters are looking for and tailoring each resume to hit all the right notes. Every word, every bullet point was meticulously chosen to maximize impact. They didn't just create a resume; they crafted a compelling narrative that made me stand out from the crowd. And the best part? It didn't take forever. Alpha VI worked quickly and efficiently without sacrificing quality. Within days, I had a shiny new resume in my hands, ready to unleash on the job market.
I highly recommend Alpha VI Battalion to any veteran or military member transitioning to civilian life. The community and resources have made a significant impact on my journey.
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green leaves

Paula Harris